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Specialists in Heavy Haul Transportation

SME Logistics is a trucking company based in West Jordan, Utah, specializing in heavy load truck shipping for application in heavy haul such as structural steel and heavy equipment with value-added services that go the extra mile.


Large and heavy components delivered for your project success.

Skillfully Loaded

Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Metals, Construction Equipment, Construction Supplies

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The perfect truck and trailer combination every time.

Trucks and Trailers

Heavy haul trucks, 53′ quad-axle trailers, 48′ spread axle trailers with maximum capacity of 105,000 pounds.

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Heavy haul transportation with safety-driven planning.

Delivery with Ease

Sound preparation of optimized route, vigilance of a constantly-alert mind, and insistence on adherence to safety rules.

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Our team thrives on complexity. We are ready to find innovative solutions to deliver the services you need.


We are dedicated to a complete understanding of the task at hand and the commitment to pre-task planning every step of the way.

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WEEKLY FREIGHT WEIGHT / million pounds
ANNUAL FREIGHT WEIGHT / million pounds

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Larger than life projects need larger than life logistics. Heavy haul trucking is the transporting of oversize or overweight freight and usually requires specialized trailers, permits, escorts, and specific equipment.


Our Core Values

We are committed to continuous relationships where needs are met, visions for success are clearly communicated, contracts are built on integrity, high-quality standards are fundamental, and responsiveness and accessibility are at the center of everything we do.

Continuously Going the Extra Mile

Latest News

We celebrate the successful freight logistics of the many projects where we have delivered.

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SME Logistics is an SME Industries, Inc. company and a sister company to these great companies:

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We Transport the Components You Need to Build Inspiring Spaces